Cristóvão Costa was born in 1998, in Guimarães, Portugal. Since his childhood, his father used to record all his and his sister's moments. With that, Cristóvão realises that he would love to be in his father's place, instead of being in front of the camera.

So, his taste for cinema was born.

He decided to study Cinema at Restart | Instituto de Criatividade, Artes e Novas Tecnologias, and in 2018, Photography at Instituto Português de Fotografia. While studying, he was already working with some production companies.
After some internships and assignments in different production companies, he decides to expand his knowledge even further and get to know the world outside. 

At the moment he is working as junior cinematographer and camera assistant.

Turning boring images into interesting ones is his big focus, and of course, always creat friendships.